Below you will find answers to commonly asked questions about Panhellenic sorority life and about recruitment. If you cannot find the information needed here, please reach out to us via our "Contact" page or contact VP of Recruitment, Alina Basuik at gsupanhellenicvpr@gmail.com.

What is Panhellenic?

The Panhellenic Council at Georgia State oversees the five Panhellenic Sororities on campus, Alpha Omicron Pi, Alpha Xi Delta, Delta Zeta, Phi Mu, and Zeta Tau Alpha. The Panhellenic Council works to promote unity and communication amongst these five chapters.

What's Philanthropy?

 Every sorority values service and giving back to their community. Each sorority has its own cause they give to, and women will have the opportunity to learn about each cause on day one of recruitment. The National Panhellenic Council has its own sorority, Circle of Sisterhood, which aims to raise money to support women's education, both within and outside of the United States. 

When is recruitment?

Fall 2020 Recruitment information will be announced soon. Stay tuned and follow us on Instagram to stay informed.

How much does recruitment cost?

  • Early Registration:  $40.00 

  • Regular Registration:  $60.00 

  • Late Registration:  $70.00

What does the cost include?

Women registering for recruitment are required to pay a non-refundable registration fee prior to participating. The fee is paid online at the conclusion of the online registration. The fee covers all costs associated with the recruitment program, including all printed materials, snack food during the week and a GSU Panhellenic Recruitment t-shirt for all potential new members.

What are the requirements

To be eligible to register and participate in recruitment, you must first be fully admitted to and enrolled at Georgia State University and registered for at least 12 credit hours of fall classes. Students who have not yet attended orientation and registered for classes, but who have been fully admitted to the university, are able to register for recruitment. Transient and dual-enrolled students (those enrolled at other institutions but taking part-time courses at GSU) are not eligible for recruitment.​

Is there a GPA requirement? 

Although the Panhellenic Council does not require a minimum GPA to participate in recruitment, each sorority may establish their own minimum GPA required for membership. If you have a question about a particular sorority's requirement, please contact Panhellenic.

What should I wear?

DAY ONE: The advised attire for day one is to show off your personal style. It's the most casual of the three days but you still want to dress to impress! Leggings and athletic clothes are not advised; jeans are ok.

DAY TWO: This day is more dressed up. Think "Sunday best"--sundresses, skirts, and jumpsuits are common on day two; jeans are usually reserved for day one.

DAY THREE: All women going through recruitment are required to wear all black, including shoes. Day three is the dressiest of the three days--No leggings, no jeans; black dress pants are ok. Bid day is held at the end of the day on day three. Women will want to bring a change of comfortable clothes for bid day. Most important of all, dress in clothes that show off your unique self!

How much are dues for each sorority? 

Each chapter structures their fees differently. On the second day of formal recruitment, each sorority will inform potential new members on the cost breakdown of membership with its organization.

An estimated range is:

    • New members/first initiated semester: $761-$975.50 (more expensive due to badge/initiation fees)

    • Initiated members: $517-$669 per semester

What is Meet the Greeks and Why Should I Go?"

At Meet the Greeks, the Presidents and Vice Presidents of Recruitment of each sorority will introduce themselves to the women going through recruitment. The women will have the opportunity to gain an early perspective on what makes each organization unique and why greek life is special to these individual greek women. There will be time for a Q&A with each sorority. While Meet the Greeks is not mandatory, it is highly encouraged. You do not have to be signed up for recruitment to attend. Anyone who is interested or already registered is welcomed. Meet the Greeks will be held on Tuesday, September 17th.

What is Orientation? Do I Have to Attend?

Orientation is mandatory for all women going through recruitment, only women who are signed up for recruitment are permitted to attend on Thursday, September 19th. At Orientation, the women will learn more in-depth what the recruitment process will look like and what to expect each day. The women will be divided into groups which will be led by recruitment counselors (called Pi Chi’s in greek lingo). These groups will act as a source of support and communication to the women as they search for their place in one of our five Panhellenic Sororities

Do I need a recommendation letter for each chapter?

No, recommendation letters are not required for Georgia State's Panhellenic recruitment process. 

Where can I sign up?


If you have any additional questions you can contact us through the contact page!
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